Ahopelto Nordic is providing their customers a wide range of different kind of consulting services.

If the client needs any help with their logistics or transportation Ahopelto Nordic will be able to help the client out with providing the solution for any kind of situation.

Ahopelto Nordic has a long experience from logistics, transportation and supply chain management in CEE countries and Nordics.

If client needs to import or export any products between CEE countries and Nordics Ahopelto Nordic is the right partner to the client to give them the support and local advisory with all kinds of rules and regulations.

If the client needs help and support with establishing new company and business in CEE countries or Nordics, the lawyer team of Ahopelto Nordic will take care of it all on behalf of the client.

The accounting team of Ahopelto Nordic will also be able to help client out with any kind of accounting and bookkeeping related matters.

Ahopelto Nordic is providing business consulting and advisory services to clients from different kind of industries and with different kind of needs.